Dr. shubham Mahajan
Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO- Prepsmart

Dr Shubham Mahajan ,Founder and CEO of Prepsmart , an edtech platform which offer hybrid mode education to students in a way that students work on their overall personalities , health and other practical skill oriented aspects that are often ignored in a typical education system.This helps students prepare for stressful exams like JEE , NEET , CAT etc with confidence and a completely different approach. Prepsmart has its offline center in Thane and online presence all over India. Dr Shubham is also a part of By the Bay which is primarily a D2C startup which is in its pilot phase and will be launching his own independent QSR chain for affordable & Healthy street food in Mid June in mumbai. Eating habits determine a lot of things and rather than completely stopping kids and teenagers from eating junk food he decided to make a healthy option available.