Ratika Khandelwal
Founder - Roooted IndIa| Sustainability Coach | Changemaker

A Certified Yoga Teacher and Sustainability Coach dedicated to helping others achieve optimal health in a sustainable manner. With a strong educational background in Yoga from Kaivalyadhama and SVYASA, Ratika has been sharing her expertise through teaching for over 3 years now. As the creator of 'Roooted India,' Ratika produces digital content focused on holistic health and sustainable living, amassing a social media following of 130K. Prior to her current endeavours, she spent over 3.5 years working in the finance corporate world, leveraging her degree in Financial Markets from Narsee Monte College, Mumbai.Driven by her vision and leadership, Ratika founded Roooted, an organization dedicated to promoting low-waste, chemical-free products, and sustainable living practices. Through traditional and sustainable offerings, Roooted has become a leading advocate for a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, helping countless individuals make the switch to a greener way of living.