Lion Dr. Y Kiron
Honorary Consul of Bulgaria | CEO & Managing Director -Suchirindia Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author and Columnist

Lion Dr Kiron. Lion DrKiron is an Indian entrepreneur, Industrialist, Businessman, Philanthropist,Diplomat, Author and Columnist. Across different functional domains, Dr Kiron has achieved the exalted status of a well-respected and much-loved celebrity. He is a first-generation entrepreneur backed by over 3 decades of hands-on experience in diverse sectors including real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, leisure, construction and continuum. He is the CEO and Managing Director of Suchirindia Group, which has a net worth of over Rs 2000 Crores and numerous landmark projects to its credit.He is also the founder of Suchirindia Foundation and Honorary Consul of Republic of Bulgaria to Telangana and AP. Dr Kiron is backed by world class qualifications including P G Diploma in Public Relations, MBA from Russia and PhD in in Urban Planning & Tourism development from USA. Dr Kiron is also a mentor to many Startups.