Dr Ankit Bhargava
Founder & Director - AB Healthcare & ABHIAHS | Physiotherapist

Dr Ankit Bhargava is a highly accomplished physiotherapist with an impressive list of qualifications and achievements. He holds a PHD from Singapore, MPT from MSS, and multiple degrees and certifications, including CKTP (USA) and MIAP. As the Founder & Director of AB Healthcare & ABHIAHS, he brings over 13 years of extensive clinical, research, and academic experience. Dr Bhargava has worked with renowned organizations such as Murugappa Group, Bosch, Titan, and Tech Mahindra, and has served as a celebrity physiotherapist to many notable personalities. He is an expert in Kinesio Taping and over 25 international advanced manual techniques. With prestigious awards and recognitions, including medals from the Government of India, the State Government, and the President, Dr Bhargava is a pioneer in the field, contributing as a medical scientist, inventor of AB Vibrational Therapy, and Chief Editor of international journals.