Ajitabh Sharma, IAS
Chairman & Managing Director - Jaipur City Transport Services Ltd, Rajasthan

With 27 years of experience in various leadership positions in the government, Ajitabh firmly believes that public utility services in water, energy, waste, transport, communications, and housing play the most critical role in sustainability as a goal and sustainable development as a pathway to achieve it. Ajitabh has worked as Chairman/Managing Director of a large number of public utilities viz. the state irrigation board, renewable energy corporation, electricity distribution , metro rail corporation, city bus transport company and many more .As a public utility management enthusiast, he successfully improved the service delivery of these organisations both on quantitative and qualitative parameters.Under his current role as the CMD of the Jaipur City Transport Services Limited, the Sustainability and ESG strategy of the company is being aligned towards creating an electric mobility ecosystem for Jaipur City and making urban public transport more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.