Abhishek Sasidharan
Entrepreneur | Founder- Whizz Europa

Abhishek Sasidharan ,an Edupreneur , an engineer by profession and now, after 7 years, working in the education sector to contribute his knowledge and skills to enriching the future generation. He has started his own Passion Research and Development Centre for helping people of all ages to develop their passion to have a successful life. Starting as a zero investment company and being a single owner who tried to do everything by own. Did not have the money to purchase any business service. He had been awarded with Indian business awards in 2019, Asian Education Summit Awards for Youngest Education entrepreneur for Innovative Education and International School Education 2018 and several other awards for the contribution to the Passion sector. Whizz Europa Passion Research & Development Centre helps people do what they love. Its the world’s first Passion Research and Development center.